About Us

A Quote from the Managing Director

"At Hosting Specialists, we stand firmly in our belief, affordable web hosting should not mean compromised services, in security, performance or support of services."

Mason Crollie, Managing Director

Company Overview
Since day one, our goal has been to offer quality, affordable, domain, web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting services to our customers. We are a first class host, trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. We colocate out of a state-of-the-art datacentre using quality DELL hardware to ensure you a successful online presence.

Our Security and Protection
Hosting Specialists have never been compromised since day one. All servers are security tested constantly by our in-house technical experts to ensure that we provide a secure and reliable service to our customers. Read more about our physcial datacentre security below.

Our datacentre
We understand how stressful and damaging downtime can be and that’s why we have invested heavily on power systems within our datacentre. We utilise n+1 144kw APC Symmetra PX systems with integrated power distribution systems allowing us to monitor the power supply to each rack.

We operate mirrored mains switchgear with multiple redundant mains supplies to our UPS systems. In addition to this our facility also provides us with backup diesel generator power in the unlikely event of a grid failure, with enough diesel onsite at all times to power all systems for over two days.

Rack Layout
We utilise 42U racks organised in a hot/cold aisle layout with meshed front and rear doors to maximise airflow. Our racks are powered by 2 x 16A commando sockets fed from separate power distribution units. Lighting to the area is provided by LED ceiling lights with motion detection timers to reduce energy consumption.

Our Coventry datacentre utilises the latest innovative green evaporative cooling system. So called “ecocoolers” are up to 80% more efficient than a traditional compressor based computer room air conditioners (CRACs).

Power Usage Efficiency
By utilising the latest technology evaporative cooling system and transformer less UPS our midlands datacentre achieves a PuE or power usage efficiency of just 1.19. This means that for every 1MW of IT load only 1.19MW of power is required to power these systems. This makes our facility one of the most energy efficient in the UK thus reducing our environmental impact and ultimately minimising our running costs, savings which are passed onto our customers.

We know how important data is to your business which is why we take security very seriously. Our site is protected by multi-layered physical security and all access into and out of the building is monitored by a visual human check and proximity access tags. Additionally all areas of the datacentre both inside and out are monitored by video surveillance monitored 24/7/365 and digitally recorded.

Our facility is served by multiple carriers including BT, KCOM, Virgin Media and Level 3 all of whom are able to offer 10Gbps connections onsite. In addition to this we are able to offer our own high speed blend of IP transit onsite our upstream carriers include NTT, Level 3 as well as various peering agreements in place at the London Internet Exchange (LINX).

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